RedAnt Group are cost engineering specialists.

Professional guessing, thumbsucking, estimating - however you want to refer to it, it's a specialist skill that comes with experience and time. 

Thankfully, we ARE specialists. RedAnt Group's in house civil estimators are all equipped with many year's practical experience as contractors - we think like contractors and have an appreciation for the day to day problems experienced on civil construction sites, because we've all muddied our boots and saved the day with improvised fixes down in the trenches. We carry these experiences into our estimates, identify issues of constructability and create the workarounds that get jobs built in the real world. More detail, fewer assumptions, less cost risk.

RedAnt Group can provide you with first principle estimates using a range of proprietary estimating software packages. Our estimates, based on your developing design, will be built from the ground up, specific to the project, with industry and market relevant resource costs.

Our expertise spans a broad range of project disciplines, from traditional civil construction (bulk earthworks, roads, drainage, services and structures), to complex civil infrastructure, pipelines, rail, renewables, mining, electrical & mechanical works. If in doubt, just ask!

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