It's work... but not as we know it

19 Apr 2018

Most of you may have realised it already, but here at RedAnt, we do things a little differently. We don't just think outside the box - we look at the box, wonder if it's a trap, and then get distracted by something colourful and shiny, and end up completely forgetting the stupid box was ever there...


And so, in keeping with this theme, we decided to open our doors to other (potentially) crazy, creative thinkers who find themselves battling the requirement to be seen as professional, yet wanting the social/collaborative/fun atmosphere that comes with working around people with similar values.


Let me introduce The FreeRange... our new, dare I say, boutique, co-working space, oh so conveniently located on Hope Street, South Brisbane. I could go on and tell you all about it, but hey - why not read all about it here - as we're featured in our local West End Magazine...


Thanks to West End Magazine for featuring us!

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